WordPress Care Plans


Bad guys used to just break into houses and stores. Today, they break into websites. If you aren’t 100% sure your WordPress site is secure and performing as it should, a website care plan is the answer.


Are you worried your limited technical skills will break your site if you attempt to tinker on your own?

When you need help with your site, you shouldn’t have to turn to Google. Our professional WordPress website maintenance services and care plans save you a world of wasted time and frustration. You run your business. We’ll take care of your website.


Strong passwords alone won’t protect your site. We protect your site from hacks and malware. We even keep pesky spam out of your contact forms. 

Plugin Updates

Haphazard plugin updates can break your site. But neglecting to tend to those updates can cause performance issues. Either way, it’s a heacdache you shouldn’t have to deal with.

Full-site Backups

A backup a day keeps the hackers at bay. We make a copy of your entire site every night. If there’s ever an issue, we can roll back to a known working copy of your site.

Managed Hosting

You’ll never have to touch your server. The technical stuff is 100% taken care of for you. All care plan sites are hosted exclusively on Flywheel Managed Hosting.

Flywheel Managed Hosting

Flywheel’s web hosting is tuned specifically for WordPress site speed and security. I don’t trust anyone else to host my clients’ sites. All our WordPress care plans come with Flywheel hosting baked into the cake. And who doesn’t like cake?

The “Heaven Forbid It” Breakup Plan

Changing up who’s managing your website can be a nightmare. But it shouldn’t be that way. Our care plans come with a sort of “pre-nup” where we agree if things ever go south with our partnership (heaven forbid it), parting ways will be super easy. Way more amicable than your 10th grade breakup with Jessica.

WordPress Care Plans

prices starting at

Must Have

Never worry again about whether or not you're doing everything possible to protect and speed up your site.

Get A WordPress Care Plan

Complete this form using the URL of the website you’re interested in getting on a care plan. We’ll schedule a call to talk over details specific to your site. If it sounds like we’re a match to work together, we’ll get the ball rolling on your WordPress Care Plan.

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