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Disclaimer: This project was originally a live project but now it just lives on my domain ( as a demo to showcase my work.

When I met John he didn’t have a website. Neither did most lawn care companies in the area. John recognized an opportunity to establish himself as an authority in his community and jumped on it. I created a website that shows off his previous work, demonstrates his expertise, and puts leads in touch with him in as little time as possible.

During our discovery call John expressed he wanted his website to get potential clients on the phone with him. His salesmanship would do the work from there to close the sales. My job was clear. I laid out his site to give visitors multiple avenues of getting in touch with him.

Wherever traffic enters the site, potential clients are greeted with options to “click to call” or email John at the top of every page. There are also hard to miss “request a quote” forms just below those contact options. Last but not least, the footer of every page presents yet another way to get in touch with John by linking to the contact page where visitors can leave as brief or detailed a message as they desire.

John has used his website to initiate discovery calls that have converted leads into customers. These customers have become a source of regular business for his lawncare service. Weekly, he receives inquires about his services through his website.

Since potential customers can easily find his business on the web, John spends more time and energy closing deals than cold-calling leads. That’s the power of having a website that works for you.

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John Doe

Lawncare Specialist


John Doe



Feb 19, 2018


Web Design, Lead Generation


Contact Forms, Mobile Friendly Styling

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