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Say goodbye to the website that’s killing you and become that business owner with the killer website.

Clinton, MS Web Designer

Website Headaches Are the Worst

Running a business is hard work. Acting as your own web-person only makes your job harder. You wear enough hats as is. I’m a Clinton, MS based web designer. I build and maintain websites so you can ditch your technical frustrations, add hours back to your work week, and focus on growing your business.

Have a website you’ll love in 3 simple steps.



You and I identify your business goals and discuss your ideal clients’ journey from browser to buyer.


Design + Development

Aesthetics and automated systems are woven together to communicate your message and serve your audience.



The site goes live. Your message goes out into the world. And people notice

Don’t give up on your business because of website frustrations. Hire a web designer.

I know what it’s like to spend so much time troubleshooting your website that you run out of energy to actually work on your business.

It sucked the life out of me. But you don’t have to share my story.

You can avoid the DIY website nightmare. I’ll teach you how to build or manage your website yourself. Or I’ll handle it for you entirely.

Ashley Upchurch – Kind

You were very professional and accomplished everything I asked in a timely manner. You were also very understanding of the many requests I had and didn't bat an eye. Super kind, as well!

Ashley Upchurch
AKMM – Peace of Mind, Compliments

I have had multiple unsolicited compliments on how impressive our new website looks. More importantly I finally have the peace of mind that our eCommerce build was done correctly, and that I no longer will have to decipher WordPress to resolve any future occurring issues.

AK Master Mount
MS Mane – Customer Experience Improved

My new website not only looks great, but my customers' experience has greatly improved as well. The new mobile experience is seamless. Several repeat customers have mentioned how much easier it is to shop from their phones. Plus the backend of the site is easier for me to work with now. It's a win...

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Joseph Creel
Medical Massage MS – Jon Will Deliver

You understood exactly what I wanted and needed to make my website perfect - and it is. If you want the perfect website for your business, Jon will deliver.

Rene' Warren
Ashley Upchurch – Dream to work with

Jon was a dream to work with! I had a ton of design desires for my new website and he was right there with me helping me create my dream website. I would hire him again if I had to do it all over.

Ashley Upchurch

From the Blog

Web Design Services

Responsive Design

Responsive Designs

Phone, tablet, desktop – you name it. Every site I build is made to look great on any device.

Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

I help you created automated email campaigns that warm up your leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Wordpress Websites


Over 32% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress. Every site we build and maintain runs it.

On-Page SEO


I make your website look supa-fine to Google’s robots so your site’s content has great chances to climb the rankings.



I use Google Analytics and Search Console to help you get to know your audience so you can supercharge your marketing efforts.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Great mobile experiences make your site easy to interact with. You better believe that’s a big priority around here.

You wear a lot of hats. “Web Designer” shouldn’t be one of them.

4 Easy-to-Avoid Mistakes When Hiring A Web Designer [PDF]

Businesses grow when they partner with the right people. And they stagnate, if not worse, when they get sucked into bad partnerships.

Hire the right person for your website project the first time. You’ll save time and money. And you’ll spare yourself a lot of frustration in the process.

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